PHILIPPINE HILOT  Price:    P 800.00 Treatment time:    1 hour

    Personalized massage treatment using deep tissue strokes and techniques.
    Designed to heal and relax both mind and body.

    SWEDISH MASSAGE  Price:    P 800.00  Treatment time: 1 hour
    Designed to promote and ease the proper circulation of blood flow. Stretching
    and combination of basic strokes of massage techniques to help strengthen
    bodies’ vital energy.

    FOOT SPA  Price:    P 500.00  Treatment time: 45min
    Combination of foot scrub and light massage to sooth tired feet from a long

    FOOT REFLEX  Price:    P 500.00 Treatment time: 1 hour
    It is a specialized treatment that focuses on the foot where pressure points
    are connected with the body organ.

    BACK MASSAGE  Price:    P 200.00 Treatment time: 30 min
    This is designed for guest who doesn’t have luxury of time and always on the
    go. Here’s for a quick relief for stress that targets the pressure points on your

    Manicure:    P  90.00
    Pedicure:    P 100.00

    It is a 30-minute body exfoliating treatment which is best performed before
    body wrap or body massage.


    A special blend of Indian spices which helps the body put into balance
    and yoghurt to stabilize the body’s immune system.

    TURMERIC AND LEMON SCRUB   Price:    P 800.00
    Turmeric combined with lemon oil and extract, olive oil, apricot seeds
    and Vitamin E is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic
    compounds its toning and soothing actions are helpful for skin conditions,
    including oily skin.

    A Body care treatment known for its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
    properties. This treatment helps warm the body and the mind. It aids in
    sharpening the senses and memory. Ginger is known for its analgesic,
    antiseptic anti-spasmodic and bactericidal properties good to improve the
    well being of a person.

    OATMEAL MILK & HONEY SCRUB  Price:    P 800.00
    For purifying the body, promotes oxidation while whitening the skin.
    The benefits of honey for our skin are extraordinary – good for moisturizing,
    nourishing, healing, rejuvenating and protecting. The power of honey is to
    stimulate wound healing and promote healthy skin. Honey is used to
    stimulate the immune system and provide the nutrients for cell metabolism
    and rapid tissue repair. It also contains lactic acid, which aids in the clearing
    of dead skin cells.

    PALAWAN KELP SCRUB  Price:    P 800.00
    Using organic Palawan kelp rich in nutrients absorbed from the sea
    as scrub, it aids in detoxification and firming of skin. It serves as
    nourishment for the skin and hair. Kelp also has the added benefit of
    the mild antiseptic properties to iodine and tannin to cleanse and
    purify the skin.

    HONEYDEW AND AVOCADO SCRUB  Price:    P 800.00
    Application of honey dew extract and avocado scrub combined with ,
    virgin olive oil, apricot seeds and vitamin E for skin toning resulting to a
    refreshed, clean body.

    ROSE GARDEN SCRUB  Price:    P 800.00
    A special blend of red rose oil, natural petals, virgin coconut oil, apricot
    seeds and Vitamin E is an ancient herbal ritual observed by old civilization. 
    Employed to counteract disagreeable odors and drive away negative
    energies, works perfectly as an astringent & stimulates proper circulation
    of blood.

    BARAKO COFFEE SCRUB  Price:    P 700.00
    Known for tanning effect and detoxifying, it will help in reducing excess
    body fluid.

    SALT SCRUB  Price:    P 700.00
    Mild scrubs that will help remove dead skin cells and help blood
    circulation mixed with virgin coconut oil for moisturizing.